The Dutch Style Chicken Coop is beautifully designed and hand crafted to perfection. 

American Made Chicken Coop, Fine Quality Indeed, Shipped Fully Assembled!


Predator Proof

Never worry when you lock up that door at night.  Your chickens are safe from any harm with

the sturdy locks and walls.  No need to do any extra work predator proofing your coop.

Well Ventilated

This coop has several working windows for you to open and close at will. You can choose the

level of venting needed for this coop with ease. We also provide the option to have these

windows wire protected for extra Predator proofing if you like.


Enjoy being able to move around in this coop.  You will have plenty of room inside making it

a joy to collect eggs and easy to clean.

Attention to Details

Every side of this coop has beautiful features added as a special bonus for you. There are

decorative hinges and hardware all around. Beautiful stain colors and roof options abound. 

Everything you need to get that perfect chicken coop the way you want it.

Added Bonus

6 nesting boxes beautifully designed and easy to reach are also included.

Plus a very large roosting bar.

Easy shipment tracing – we provide the customer with a tracking number as soon as

it ships and they can trace it all the way from start to arrival.

 Standard Features:
    • 6' x 6' Main Roosting Area
    • 6 Nesting Boxes
    • Houses up to 20 Chickens
    • 2X6 P.T. Floor Joist, P.T. 5/8" Floor
    • Board & Batton, Keyed Entry Door, Chicken Door, Chicken Ramp
    • Nesting Boxes, Roosting bars, Vent lid,
    • Slider Windows w/screens, P.T Legs & Runners
    Optional Features:

    Predator Resistant Wire Mesh For The Windows

    Keep the windows open for extra circulation while keeping the animals out of your coop with our

    predator resistant wire mesh over the bottom part of the windows. It is made from

    sturdy 14 gauge wire and painted black for long lasting beauty.




        Never Spills Or Fills With POOP!

        Keeps chicken water clean, fresh and

        available longer! Makes chicken care

        easy, clean, and fun! Leave town for

        the weekend without worrying about

        watering your flock! Works for

        chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and

        more! No more mess ever!

        Free and Fast shipping!

    The Nipple Style waterer had been used

    on commerce chicken farms for many

    years there are many good reasons. The

    screw in style chicken water nipple is a

    360 degree swivel nipple that simply

    screw in to your drilled hole. Works well for PVC pipe style or bucket style DIY waterers . Removable lower

    parts for easy cleaning or replacement .Will work great on gravity fed , Don't connect directly to a garden

    hose !! Water nipple work under low pressure( 6psi or less ) House water pressure can be around 30 to 80

    psi, If your nipples is install to PVC / CPVC pipe and want to connect it directly to a garden hose  than a

    water pressure regulator is requested. 

    • Use Drill bit size 11/32 " for PVC , CPVC or any thick plastic

    • Use Drill bit size 5/16" for thin plastic like water bottle cap .....

    • Use a little silicone or pipe thread tape to make water tight and screw nipple in.

    • Manufacturer recommends 1 nipple for every 3 birds.

      Shipping Chicken Coops:

      NOTICE: Delivery to Continental United States only. Shipped Fully Assembled!  We deliver all over the United States. Once your order has been placed, we will contact you to arrange shipping. Orders are not final until shipping costs have been agreed upon.

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    Fully Assembled Dutch Style Chicken Coop

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