Pet Bed for shoe lovers! Cats love shoes! Dogs love shoes! A shoe shaped pet bed is like a pet's dream come true!

Medium size moccasin pet bed. It suits pets up to 15 lbs. Most cats, small breed dogs, puppies and alike should be all able to curl up comfortably in this soft bed.

***** Spec *****

Overall Size : 18.5" X 13.5" X 6.5"
Inner Size : 18" X 12" X 5.5"
Materials : Sherpa, Suede, Polyester Filling, Suede Ribbon, Bent wood veneer

The filing of this product is 100% polyester, and made in the USA. It’s washable, easy to dry, and mildew free. We believe in providing great quality products with exceptional materials from the inside out.

***** get familiar with the bed*****

Every pet is unique in its own way. Sometimes they like to cozy up in a tight space, sometimes they spread out their legs like some yoga poses. Please measure your pets to ensure they can nap perfectly inside this shoe :D.

Usually pets need to warm up to something brand new to them, especially cats. If your pets don't jump in it right away, here are some tricks that can help:

1, Put the bent wood strip (comes with the bed) in between the fold of the top flap, to create a larger "entrance", as an invitation for pets to come in and explore. See the last image of this item post for instructions.
2, Put their favorite toys or old blanket into the bed
3, Put them inside and then give them some snack to encourage them to stay and feel the bed.
4, Sprinkle catnip inside the bed

Give them some time to figure it out.

***** Care Instruction *****

- REMOVE the suede ribbons and wood strip before cleaning.
- Spot cleaning with damp cloth and mild soap.
- For more thorough cleaning, hand wash with care in cold water and with mild detergent, reshape the bed right away and air dry it.
- If you have to use machines, please put the bed inside a large mesh laundry bag, and use a front loading washer with short and gentle cycle. Tumble dry at low heat setting, remove it promptly.
- NEVER use a machine with an agitator, because it will damage the filling/batting.
- Do no bleach/ Do not iron/ Do not dry clean

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The Moccasin Pet Bed

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