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American Made Built to Last

No other beautifully designed hand crafted red barn is able to be presented to you in such a high quality manner as this.   Built by people who know what chickens need and care about the safety of the chickens.  All American fine craftsmanship.  Comes with a heavy duty tractor kit as well to easily move this well made coop around.   A great barn for 6-8 chickens with extra room to roam in  optional run underneath the coop.  Perfect for free ranging.  Has many open air options to keep your coop clean and fresh.  Your chickens will enjoy it too.  For this price and size you wont find a better quality made coop then this one!  Don't forget that this price includes delivery.


    3 nesting boxes

    large roosting bar

    easy open roof

    large access door

    outdoor pen option

    hardware clothe on all window and vents

    easy to assemble or get it fully assembled

    water proof rolled roofing

    predator proof coop

    painted a beautiful red with white trim option

    tractor kit option


    Living Area 4'x3'

    Stand Height 1' (optional)

    House height 4'

    Total length 4',Total width 3',Total height 4' to (5' with the optional Stand Height of 1')

Easy Assembly Options

This coop is very easy to assemble with step by step instructions, pictures and you can call in and be talked

through the assembly with a live person! We will also be offering video assembly instructions soon.  Will take

less then an hour to assemble

Don't want to assemble it?  Choose our fully assembled option above for $400 more.  This option is very hard

to find on any other chicken coop store.

Don't Worry About Predators

This coop has 1/2" hardware clothe on each window and each window has a clasped latch to keep predators of all kinds out

and your hens safe in their spacious coop.  The large door also features clasped locks to keep out all clever predators.

Customize it Your Way

You can customize this coop how ever You want.  If you don't see an option then let us know and we will add the option you

are looking for.  No other company makes it that easy to have all the features you want in any of our coops.

Quality Counts

Each of our coops is specifically deigned to handle the weather, predators, and stand up to the test of time. Not only are

these coops hand crafted specifically to you they are also well detailed for strength and endurance. These are high quality

and very durable.

Weather Rated

These coops can do well in the hottest weather to the coldest weather.  If you live in the snow country or a sunny desert

this coop will do the job.

Easy Cleaning

The large front door and hinged roof and nesting box make it easy to access the eggs and clean out the coop.  With the

linoleum flooring option added it can easily be wiped off even faster and stay cleaner even longer.

Don't forget to pick up a Heavy Duty water nipple set HEAVY DUTY WATER NIPPLE PACK OF 30(pack of 30) for the cleanest

water and no mess.

Tractor  Coop

It is a tractor coop! You can easily move this from place to place.  Wheels are heavy duty 8" wheels and can handle over

450 pounds of weight on each tire!


This coop can hold 6 full size chickens or 8 bantams


This is a special order coop made just for you. Please allow up to 2 weeks after date of purchase for coop to be manufactured.




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1 Ohio
2 Michigan
3 Indiana
4 Illinois
5 Kentucky
6 Tennessee
7 Mississippi
8 Alabama
9 Georgia
10 S. Carolina
11 N. Carolina
12 Virginia
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14 Pennsylvania
15 Maryland
16 Delaware
17 New Jersey
18 New York
19 Wisconsin
Region 2

1 Maine
2 New Hampshire
3 Massachusetts
4 Rhode Island
5 Connecticut
6 Vermont
7 Florida
8 Louisiana
9 Arkansas
10 Oklahoma
11 Missouri
12 Kansas
13 Nebraska
14 Iowa
15 Minnesota
Region 3

1 N. Dakota
2 S. Dakota
3 Montana
4 Wyoming
5 Colorado
6 Arizona
7 Texas
8 New Mexico
9 Utah
10 Nevada
11 California
12 Idaho
13 Oregon
14 Washington

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Red Barn Chicken Tractor For 6 to 8 Hens

  • Brand: EZ-FIT
  • Product Code: GGCRB4X3
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  • $4,200.95
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