• Skin Dandruff Miracle Serum

What is it?  Skin/Facial Dandruff also known as Seborrheic Dermatitis  is when your skin becomes red on the cheeks and nose especially and begins to scale or peel becoming white and flaky.  It is a very embarrassing mess.  Within days of applying our Skin Dandruff Miracle you will notice the difference.  Its feels very healing just rubbing it on.  Your skin loves it too as it nourishes it back to health. You will have healthy glowing skin again with our Facial Dandruff Miracle you wont regret it. Has also been seen to help with Rosacea. This Serum is Organic and why not?  Your skin wont heal if you keep putting chemicals on it. The Castor oil is know to heal all kinds of skin conditions. Here is a little bit more about castor oil and its benefits.



Organic Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil

Lavender oil

Castor Oil

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Skin Dandruff Miracle Serum

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