Is Your Monthly Electric Bill $200 Or Less

Is your electric bill killing you? Let us help you kill your eclectic bill.  Are you paying $200/month or more on your eclectic bill?  We can help lower or even eliminate your eclectic bill. Start putting $200/month or more in your pocket each month instead of the utility company's pocket! Email us for free information click here to contact us and start putting money in your pocket now!

We do have solar systems that qualify for the federal Tax and State incentives.!!!  Get 30% OF YOUR MONEY BACK FROM THE GOVERNMENT ON ALL SOLAR SYSTEM. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION.

This is the most intelligent and best investment you can make.  First I just want to let you know that all solar panels come with 25-30 years manufacturer warranty, and can last lot longer than just the 25-30 year warranty.

Secondly, if your average electric bill is $200/month or more, you have wasted estimate $2,400/year on electric bill or put in the eclectic/utilities companies pocket instead of your pocket.  Now I know it is not fixed and can be lot more if you consume more electric or can be little lower if you consume less.  But as you know from your past usage the electric rates keep going up every year and the more you use the more your electric bill will be.  So what does that mean? Well if you are paying $200/month that is $2,400 every year if your electric bill is fixed and your consumption is same every month.  But we all know that is not the case and it can be lot more than just $200/ month.  So at $200/ month fixed rate that is $2,400/ year or $60,000 in 25 years and $72,000 in 30 years wasted on electric bill.  Gone forever in the pockets of the eclectic company and not you?  Get your own electric company to supply all your power needs and start putting money in your pocket now!  To get started get your free electric bill audit today! EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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