Predator Proof your Coop

There are many things you can do to predator proof your coop.  Below are the 2 things we recommend.  Feel free to do other things you see fit to make your coop snug.

1.  Make sure all openings are secure with a latch or are screwed down.  This includes doors, roofs, nesting box lids and underneath the nesting box so that they don't lift up.

2.  You can use welder mesh for the coop to keep out unwanted pests that dig.  Go around the coop and dig the mesh about 6 inches into the ground all the way around. This should ensure that any   digging predators can not enter.

3. Weather proof your coop with a water based preservative to keep the wood strong.

That's it.

This should keep out predators of all types.

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