Top Secret Chicken Tips and Tricks


1.  If the chickens are not laying what to do?

Old favorite trick is to mix chili powder with their food ration.  Just estimate and add more unlit you see results.  Works on old chickens (near 2 or 3 years)  Works when the chickens are to cold too.
Give it a try.  Result can be seen within the same day or take up to 2 weeks.

2.  My chickens eat to much and are expensive what to do?

The trick is to raise meal worms for a continuous supply of food and they love it,best of all its free to you,and just a tiny bit of work.

3.  Chickens always making the water messy?

Answer is chicken nipples.  Never have a dirty mess again plus extremely sanitary and no water waste!

4.  Chickens are pecking each others feathers help!

There are many causes for this so go through the list and start narrowing it down.  Most common is "Pecking Order"  This is very common but they shouldn't be pecking at each other for ever.  Next common is lighting. Sometime to much light can cause them to start attacking each other so do what you can to dim the lights down for a few weeks and see if they calm down.  Space.  Last most common reason is they are to cramped together and need more room.  If you can provide them some more space try this option out. Lastly if nothing is working you can buy chicken peepers.  This helps them not to look at each other and eliminate aggression problems.

5.  How do I catch my chickens they have escaped the pen!

Food!  Put some yummies in a box or their pen or even in a bucket your holding and shake it.  They should come running almost every time.  One inside you can close the door on them.  If it doesn't work right away try again a little later when they are hungry.

Have some more chicken secrets or tips? Email Mrs. Chicken at to have your tips added to the list.



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