What You Should Know BEFORE You Buy a Chicken

Chicken Tips from Mrs. chicken

1.  If you are getting chickens for the eggs,CHICKENS HARDLY LAY EGGS IN THE WINTER,production is very low if at all.

2.The best time to buy chickens is in the winter because of point number 1, but keep in mind the cost of food.

3.How much space does a chicken need?  1 chicken needs 3-4 square feet. so 2 chickens would need 6 square feet. Our Chicken Poultry Coop Rabbit Hutch for 2 chickens at the bottom of this page is perfect for 2 chickens

4.Chicken needs:

    Fresh air
    Light, they love it
    Warm temp(65 degrees at least for laying eggs)
    Feed each chicken a handful of food twice a day. they will eat all you give so try not to over feed.Under feed them and they may go on strike and lay less eggs(believe me I have had this happen).
    Water.Keep the water clean or they may not drink it. the waterer below is a good one I suggest.

5.Chicken poo is great fertilizer so start gardening and get one of our green houses!


    Never Spills Or Fills With POOP!

    Keeps chicken water clean, fresh and

    available longer! Makes chicken care

    easy, clean, and fun! Leave town for

    the weekend without worrying about

    watering your flock! Works for

    chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and

    more! No more mess ever!

    Free and Fast shipping!

The Nipple Style waterer had been used

on commerce chicken farms for many

years there are many good reasons. The

screw in style chicken water nipple is a

360 degree swivel nipple that simply

screw in to your drilled hole. Works well for PVC pipe style or bucket style DIY waterers . Removable lower

parts for easy cleaning or replacement .Will work great on gravity fed , Don't connect directly to a garden

hose !! Water nipple work under low pressure( 6psi or less ) House water pressure can be around 30 to 80

psi, If your nipples is install to PVC / CPVC pipe and want to connect it directly to a garden hose  than a

water pressure regulator is requested.  Use Drill bit size 11/32 " for PVC , CPVC or any thick plastic

Use Drill bit size 5/16" for thin plastic like water bottle cap .....
Use a little silicone or pipe thread tape to make water tight and screw nipple in.

Manufacturer recommends 1 nipple for every 3 birds.




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