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Chicken Breed Chart to Help Choose Your Chicken

Chicken Breed Chart

Which Chicken Should I Pick?


I want chickens that lay lots of eggs.

Our star rating shows how many eggs a week each breed lays ie. equals 2 eggs a week.

I want chickens for meat.

Our 1st place ribbon means the chicken is a 9- 13 pound 1st choice meat bird. Our 2nd place ribbon means the chicken is a 6-9 pound 2nd choice,but still a good choice meat bird.

I want a dual purpose chicken.

We have just made it easier for you to choose your own dual purpose chicken by combining any star and meat rating chicken you like.


                        ANCONA                                                  BLACK ASTROLORP                                                                            





             CATALANA                                          CHANTECLER


         DELAWARE                                       FAVEROLLES


                    HAMBURG                                                             LEGBAR


       WHITE LEGHORN                                        MINORCA


      PLYMOUTH ROCK                                      SUSSEX



WELSUMER or WELSUMMER                      WYANDOTTE



                      AMERAUCANA                                          ANDALUSIAN


          APPENZELLER SPITZHAUBEN                                       ARAUCANA


                     BANTAM SILKIE                                          BARNEVELDER



             BRAHMA                                              BUCKEYE


                          CAMPINE                                               DOMINIQUE


            DORKING                                                   HOLLAND



        JAVA                                               JERSEY GIANT    


            LA FLECHE                                               LANGSHAN       


                 MARAN                                       NEW HAMPSHIRE RED



   ORPINGTON BUFF                                WHITE FACED BLACK SPANISH  





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