Lesson 3

Now that you know the amount of chickens and there housing needs we should learn a bit about internal needs.


Chickens love to eat. They eat almost everything. They eat chickens scraps of all kinds. Most everything is safe for them accept citrus fruits.

Go down to your local feed store and pick up a bag.  It will say on the bag for chicks, layers, etc. If you would like to know the break down and make your own food I’ll give you the basics here.

For chicks they need7 parts grain, 2 parts ground plants, .25 minerals and one part ground protein.  Mix this together well. You can add a little water to make the mixture crumbly.  Baby chicks eat a lot. 1 cup twice a day for 8 chicks.

Layers need a little bit different mix. They need 8 parts grain,1.5 parts plant,.25 protein and.50mineral. When your hen is laying eggs and there are no shells or soft shells on the eggs your chicken needs more minerals. Crushed oyster shell is easy to find or you can use powdered egg shell to help. Bowed legs can also be fixed with this remedy. How much? Just mix some handfuls into their daily food ration each day till you notice an improvement and then supplement weekly. 


Clean water is very important for chickens. The Best must have chicken waterer is HEAVY DUTY POOP FREE CHICKEN WATERER NIPPLE.

These things are amazing. All you have to do is screw these into a container that you choose to hold the water in. The chickens no matter any age easily figure out how to use these. The water stays completely clean and the coop stays dry as well. With other waterers they are easily tipped over and become dirty as the chickens constantly step on them. The wet pin and dirty water cause the chickens to get sick and dye. The HEAVY DUTY POOP FREE CHICKEN WATERER NIPPLE is a simple easy solution and are offered with all of our coops so don't skimp out on this important item. It will save you a lot of head ache and keep your chickens healthy.

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