Lesson 2

How Many Chickens Is Right for You?

If your city ordinance is not a factoryou have to worry about then the sky is the limit! A good rule wedeveloped to help you is our

Egg Laying Chicken Chart

Thishandy chart can help you determine just how many chickens you need tohave the amount of eggs you want.

In one week 2 chickens can give you anaverage of 8 eggs.!

This chart is suggesting that 1 averagechicken lays 1 egg every other day.

Depending on your needs you can easilydo your own estimating to as many as you like.

1 chicken= 1 egg every other day!

If you are looking to speed things uptheir are several breeds that can lay 1 egg a day. Please refer toour chicken breed chart. All chickens that have "excellent"marked for how well they lay on average can lay one egg a day.

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