Lesson 1

Welcome to our Chicken Care 101 Course

So what does it take to raise chickens? 

The first thing you should think aboutis where you live. Many city's and suburbs have ordinances that youmust follow such as how many chickens you are aloud to have in acertain area and if you are aloud to have roosters or not. Somecities don't even let you have chickens so it is best that you firstcheck with your local government to find out. This is your firsthomework.

Once you have discovered the answer youcan now move on to the basics.


Chicken housing is not complicated infact a chicken could care less what it looks like as long as it hasthe basics. The house needs to have the minimum 4 things:

  • A nesting area

  • A roosting area

  • A dry non breezy covering from the elements

  • Light

http://www.greengardenchicken.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=60_62&product_id=59The nesting area needs to be dark. Thechickens prefer to have it dark

and secluded as their instinct tellsthem to protect their eggs. This helps them feel just like in thewild. The areas should be raised off the ground a bit. The height toput the nesting boxes vary by opinion. The basic point is that theyshould be clean, dark, and big enough for the breed of chicken thatyou chose to get in and out of easily.

Roosting bars should be off the ground1 to 3 feet. A rounded edge bar is preferred to make it easy fortheir feet to grab onto. You should have 1 foot of nesting bar perchicken.

Light should be enough to mimicdaylight such as a large window on one side. Natural light helpsthem to lay eggs on a normal schedule. If the coop is to dark


for anextended period of time they may start laying at an unusual rate ornot at all.

The “coop” should be clean and dryand big enough. What constitutes “big enough” ? You need about2 square feet per chicken. So if you have 3 chickens then yourchicken house needs to be at least 6 square feet inside.

By far the best coop I always recommendfor anyone is our EZ-fit3 x 4 Chicken Coop

This is perfect for any city farmer andeven suburb area that has ordinances for only a small number ofchickens. This size is for 12 square feet and can accommodate up to6 chickens. If you think you are going to have more chickens then Iwould recommend hands down our EZ-fit4 x 6 Chicken Coop

This coop is 24 square feet and canhouse up to 12 chickens with ease.

Even if you are planning on having lesschickens I would recommend that you get the EZ-fit3 x 4 Chicken Coop because more room is always appreciated byyour chickens and will make them happy and keep them healthy andproductive egg layers.

If you decide to let your chickens freerange they will come back to the house easily as long as you givethem a few weeks to get used to their new home. If you would like tohave them in an outdoor run so they can get some fresh air this isgreat. Just make sure it is predator proof because unlike free rangethey can not run away from predators if they are confined in an area. To predator proof the run area you will need to put welders meshunder the run or dig it into the perimeter of the run all the wayaround about 2 feet down. 


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