Plymouth Rock

Also known as "Barred Rock" is a New England breed from the 1800's.  A great dual purpose breed that is an excellent brown egg layer and a hardy meat bird.  It is well adaptable to cold weather.  This bird prefers to free range but can be confined.  Plymouth rocks have a happy personality.  They come in many colors,but it is rare to find them in any color other than the black and white colors. They have a single rose comb making them different from the Dominique breed that looks just like them (they have a rose comb instead).

Plymouth Rock Chick Picture:  

Temperament: Very friendly happy bird

Eggs:  Large brown Eggs at a 4 egg a week range

Outstanding feature:All around lovable dual purpose chicken

Size: 7-8 pounds

Chicken Health Recommendations:

HEAVY DUTY POOP FREE CHICKEN WATERER NIPPLE is a must. Chickens must have clean water at all time to avoid diseases and to keep disease from spreading.

Chicken House Recommendations:

Fully Assembled Chicken Coop Quaker Style 5x4

Fully Assembled Chicken Coop Quaker Style 5x4

The Quaker Coop 5'x4' Is beautifully designed and hand crafted to perfection. 


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Plymouth Barred Rock

Plymouth Barred Rock

Also known as "Barred ..


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