Legbars are an early 20th century British chicken breed.  They were designed to be auto-sexed meaning the females are born with no spot on the head and the males have a spot on the head.  This chicken is a  great layer of colored eggs. They are friendly and fun to watch.They have a floppy comb and crest on top. The Legbar is a very popular chicken breed in the United States. They are adaptable for free range or confinement.

Legbar Chick Picture:   

Temperament: Very friendly and docile; likes to forage.

Eggs:  medium blue colored eggs 4 egg a week range

Outstanding feature: Large comb that flops and auto-sexed

Size: 4-5 pounds

Chicken Health Recommendations:

HEAVY DUTY POOP FREE CHICKEN WATERER NIPPLE is a must. Chickens must have clean water at all time to avoid diseases and to keep disease from spreading.

Chicken House Recommendations:

Fully Assembled Dutch Style Chicken Coop

Fully Assembled Dutch Style Chicken Coop

The Dutch Style Chicken Coop is beautifully designed and hand crafted to perfection.  ..


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