Write For Us

We welcome writers to contribute to our blog and website.  You can tell your story, impact lives with your valuable information and even share your brand.

Sounds Good?

Great.  Here is the do list:

  1. The article must be related to what our store is about "Off Grid and self sufficient living". 
  2. The article must be original and not posted on another blog,website, etc.
  3. You must provide at least one picture 500 x 500 pixels (more is better)
  4. Videos are very helpful
  5. Videos and pictures must be yours not copied or stolen
  6. Provide source information if you are using info from another source
  7. You can add one link of your own within the article and please use a link from our website as well.

  1. Write an article specifically promoting your business, brand, video or product.
  2. Write an article to link to a specific product outside this store.
Please send your article to info@greengardenchicken.com